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Making Pancakes Healthier

I have been experimenting with making a healthier version of one of my favorite pancake recipes. I tried this one and knew it was a hit when no one in the family noticed that it was healthy. They just ate them like normal.

I recently bought some of Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain flour. I want to try to add a little bit of it to some of my recipes. I tried it for the first time with this recipe. It worked great. I think the fact that this batter sits overnight helps because it softens the grains.

You really could not tell it had any 10 grain flour in it. If you do not have 10 grain flour just use 3/4 cup whole wheat.

I will definitely be making these pancakes again.

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  1. Catherine R. says:

    In my attempt to eat healthy pancakes I buy the Krusteaz brand pancake mix oat bran variety. It is extremely high in fiber. Then I get the sugar free or reduced sugar syrup.

    I have never made pancakes from scratch but maybe I will try one of these days.

  2. Catherine, you should try homemade pancakes they are really easy and very good. But I will admit I have some Krusteaz mix also. I keep it on hand for my husband to use when he makes pancakes. I sometimes have to do shopping for my husbands business. If I do it on Saturday morning by husband makes pancakes with the kids. The mixes work great for that. I make a pancake mix as well. But the kids think the Krusteaz is a special treat with dad.

  3. Lynn, it is so funny that you posted this recipe! First of all, I live in the land of Bob’s Red Mill. The headquarters and “flagship store” are about 20 minutes from my house. I have actually met Bob back when they were in their little tiny shop. I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill and the store is like nirvana to someone trying to eat healthier – they have whole grain cake mix, whole grain muffin mixes, whole grain bread mix, and every kind of four, grain, spice, bean and mix you could possibly imagine (and some you wouldn’t imagine in a million years).

    It is also funny you would post this because I’m working on a post about overnight yeasted waffles. They are our favorite and use half whole wheat. I’ll be posting it when I get back from camping (unless I get really industrious and finish it tonight to post while I’m gone.)

    Thanks for the recipe, I’ll be trying it soon! You have such great recipes. I love coming here and seeing what you will post next! Thanks.


  4. Jill, I love Bob’s Red Mill. I also have met Bob. The few times we have drove to OR to visit family I have hauled back a bunch of Bob’ Red Mill stuff. I wish I could get it for a good price. It is so expensive here in the stores. Oh well. I could spend all day looking around Bob’s Red Mill store. It is a neat place.

  5. MommaofMany says:

    Here’s the healthy pancakes we eat about once every two weeks:



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