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Back To School Tool

Jessica at Life As Mom posted about the library being her one of her favorite tools for home school. I could not agree more. We love the library. She talks about having 100 books checked out right now. Well, our family has done that too, many times actually. We love the library.

The other tool that I use a lot is the internet. Obviously, I use it for my blog and for recipes but I also use it a lot for school. If I need a book from the library on a certain subject I can search for it online and request that it be sent to my library for me to pick up. If I need a hard to find book or a book that is out of print, I can search Ebay or Bookfinder for it.

If there is a word we cannot find the meaning of in our dictionary, I can search an online dictionary. If I am looking for the best price on a certain curriculum I can do an internet search and find who has it for the best price. If I am wondered if someone liked a certain book or curriculum I can find reviews for it online.

I can also search for information and prices on many things not related to school like clothes, household items, and more. Now that we all have the internet we are very dependent on it. It really has made life easier hasn’t it.

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  1. Amen! What did we do before the Internet?!

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