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Emeril’s Website

I discovered a new recipe website today. It is Emeril’s Website. Okay, I know what you are probably thinking. Emeril? Yes, I know a lot of his recipes are for things most of us would never cook. He uses expensive ingredients and ingredients most of us do not have in our kitchens. But on his website he has several thousand recipes listed. He has over a 1000 desserts and 1500 main dishes. I think many are recipes that sound good and would be things I would cook.

I found it while I was searching for one of his muffin recipes from one of his kids cookbooks. I was surprised to see that it was one his site. A lot of people do not post a lot of their own recipes but he seems to have quite a of them listed. If you like to look at new recipes you should spend some time looking around his site.

And I have tried his Baby Bam seasoning and it is really good and easy to make. That is one of the many recipes he has listed.

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