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Finding Used Books

We love books and we have a lot of books. I enjoy searching for new or new to us books. One of the things my husband and I like to do is to search used book stores and antique malls for books. We have found quite a few really rare and good books this way.

One of my best sources for used books has been a book sale that is run by a local non-profit organization. It is a fundraiser for the group. They help people in need with utilities and household necessities along with some medical care. They hold a sale every other month. I am amazed at the amount of books that are donated to them for this sale. They never hold any books over for the next sale. It is all new inventory, every time. They hold the sale in an old house that is probably around 900 square feet. They fill every room with books. The sale is usually busy but not crowded.

I try to make it to this sale as often as possible. I never know what I might find at it. Sometimes I only find one or two books but they will be ones I have been looking for. Other times I may find a box or two. They charge fifty cents to one dollar for each book. Magazines are ten cents. I think it is well worth the price for what I get. If I do not end up liking the book I am only out one dollar or less and the money went to a good cause.

Last Friday was the most recent sale and I found quite a stack of books.

I usually find several cookbooks. This time I found only one I wanted. I found a book on local wildflowers that my girls loved. I also found a few various books from authors that I enjoy reading. I think my best find though was the McGuffey Readers. I found seven of them. Which I think is the whole set. I did not know how much I would use these, but being a home school mom I knew it was a good deal and one worth getting. When my girls saw them they were thrilled. They were so excited that they could read the books that Laura and Mary read in Little House On The Prairie. All three kids are now reading them. They were so excited that I realized right away that they already payed for themselves. Anything that makes learning more exciting is worth it.

If you love books as much as I do but don’t have a large book buying budget I would encourage to check around your area for sales like this. Many libraries have sales once or twice a year or they have a sale area of the library. Second hand stores and garage sales are also a great source of books. If you love to read and love books you will never quit learning. You can learn so much on so many different topics just by picking up a book.

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  1. I like to find books at our Goodwill. I found some great ones the last few times, paid 50 cents a piece for paperbacks, $1 for hardcover. Then I read them, and turned around and sold them on half.com for more than I bought them for! Thus giving more room in house and more money for book allowance.

  2. Calina, great idea. I have not done that with half.com but I have read them and then listed them on paperbackswap.

  3. I absolutely love cookbooks and recipes. When we sold our house and moved I realy downsized them and now am hoping to put them all on my computer. But I’m sure once we move into our new home…I’ll pick up the habit again (C:

  4. Have you ever tries Paperback Swap? You post books you have that you want to get rid of, and can pick up another from a different member when someone wants yours. You don’t have to swap with just one member, all the books are in a database and you can get a book from someone different than the person you send it to.
    You do have to pay for shipping, normally less than $2.00, but then you get a book for free. I’ve received a lot of neat new books this way!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.