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Meal Planning

This week I am trying to use up some of the pork that is in my freezer. We are taking our hogs in to be butchered in a couple of weeks and I still have a few things from last time in my freezer. So, you will probably see pork on the menu quite a bit in the next couple of weeks.

I have been wanting to cook one of the hams that I have, but it has been too hot. When it is 100 degrees out I do not like to use the oven for a long period of time. The hams we have are raw hams which means that they have to cook for several hours. We are having below normal temperatures here right now, so it will be a good time to cook one. The nice thing about cooking ham is it gives us lots of leftovers to use in other dishes.

crockpot barbecue ribs, fruit, and potatoes

grilled chicken sandwiches on 40 minute rolls, tomatoes, and fruit

salmon burgers and grilled vegetables

homemade pizza with canadian bacon

ham, potatoes, and bread or rolls

ham, cheese, and tomato sandwiches and salad

ham alfredo, bread, and salad

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