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Meal Planning Monday

I did not stick to my meal plan very well last week. I have a lot of things coming from the garden right now and I had to adjust some of my meals to use some things up. I also made a trip to the peach orchard and brought home a lot of peaches. So we also ate a lot of those.

It is supposed to be very hot here this week, most days over 100 degrees. That is too hot to use the oven. I am planning on using my crockpot quite a bit. I have several recipes from the Crockpot Lady that I have been wanting to try, so this week will be a good time to do that.

I am planning on starting our school year in two weeks. We home school so I have a lot to do to get ready for the school year. I almost skipped meal planning this week but I knew I had a lot to do and would regret it if I did not have a plan. One of my goals for the school year is to get better about fixing breakfast. It seems like we are having a lot of cereal and yogurt so I hope to improve at least a little in that area. If you have any good breakfast ideas let me know. I need some new recipes or suggestions.


Crockpot Grits

Crockpot French Toast








Hamburgers, Potato Salad, and Tomatoes

Pork Roast (in the crockpot but I am not sure what I am going to do, maybe with Mexican seasoning)

Ribs (in the crockpot)

Indonesian Chicken

Crockpot Gryos with home made pitas

Pork Enchiladas (like my chicken ones but with pork)


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  1. Peach orchard? I am so jealous.

    I have seen people posting cockpot recipes for the summer, but it never really occured to me that using a crockpot would be cooler. What a great idea. Great looking recipes too.

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