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Meal Planning Monday

This week is back to school week at our house. We usually start our homeschool year slowly. We will start with math and some reading, I have some audio books I want to get done and we also start back with piano lessons. The following week we will add a few more things and then by the 25th we will be back to a normal school schedule.

I really need to work on breakfasts but I just seem to keep planning the same boring items. I really am not a morning person, anyone in my family will tell you that. I also have never been a big breakfast eater. So I really struggle with getting up and around and cooking a meal early in the morning. I always cook on Saturday and Sunday but the weekdays are hard for me. I think I will try at least one weekday to cook a hot breakfast. Maybe if I start slow I will improve.



eggs and muffins

yogurt and toast


pancakes made with whole wheat or ten grain flour






German Potato Salad

Spaghetti Carbonara and focaccia ( I hope to post the focaccia recipe soon)

Panini sandwiches and vegetables

sausage pizza and salad

hamburgers and oven fries

meatballs ( I am making extra to freeze), in sauce over speghetti noodles, salad

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