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Pepperoni Rolls

Pepperoni Rolls

My family loves pepperoni rolls and last week I came up with this recipe after having something like it at a pizza restaurant. I knew I could easily make a homemade version for much cheaper than the version we had at the restaurant.

These take a little time to make, but they are really easy. They are a nice change from our regular pizza night.

I used Jay’s Signature Pizza Crust from Allrecipes. I like to use this recipe because it rolls out well. You could also use any dough that will roll out well or use a store bought pizza dough.

This recipe is not exact, so I don’t have exact amounts listed. You really don’t need exact measurements for this. You just roll out the dough, layer the cheese and meat on and roll it up.

Pepperoni Rolls _


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  1. Extraordinary Ordinary Life says:

    We make these too and love them. Your pictures look really good!

  2. I have a recipe for pepperoni rolls, but I think I am going to try your way! Your way looks easier! These would be great to put in the boy’s lunch boxes.

  3. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    My mouth is watering! My husband loves pepperoni rolls at our local pizza joint. Now I will have to make these. Thank you so much. Actually, my husband thanks you, he just doesn’t know it, yet!

  4. A happy heart at home says:

    These look easy and delicious! I’m definitely going to try them. Thanks for the recipe.


  5. Those look yummy! I usually make pizza every Friday night, this week I am going to make these! I also like the idea to make them and put them in the kid’s lunches (and husband’s) because they would travel better.

  6. I am SO going to do this. There is a little bakery we go to and they have pepperoni rolls. My husband LOVES them. I will SO surprise him with this.

  7. this would be neat to make with the grandkids

  8. thanks for coming by 😀

    This recipe looks so good. I’ll have to try it…pizza is really popular here, but we don’t want to spend the $$ (or fat grams) on pizza delivery. 😀

  9. Yum! These would be a huge hit at my house.

  10. Those look YUMMY!

  11. Can you tell I haven’t been by your site in awhile…these look way too good. Gotta try them!

  12. I haven’t made these in a long time & decided to make them again today. I served them with a salad. Wow, this recipe is a hit in my family! I won’t wait so long to make them next time!

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