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Potato Salad

My husband does not like mayonnaise. He says that he does not want to eat spoonfuls of fat. I on the other hand could eat mayonnaise on just about anything, sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, etc. As far as I am concerned mayonnaise is what makes these items so good. My husband though only eats mustard on sandwiches and really does not like potato salad and coleslaw. In order to try to please both of us, I have had to get creative in my potato salads and coleslaw. I try to make it so that both of us will eat and enjoy it.

The potato salad I usually make has part mayonnaise and part sour cream in the dressing. I will try to post that recipe sometime. But I recently saw a recipe on the back of a bottle of rice vinegar that caught my attention. It was a cold potato salad with rice vinegar in the dressing. My husband likes the tangy taste in vinegar so I thought he might like this in his potato salad. I used the basic recipe on the bottle but I changed it to fit our tastes. He loved this potato salad and told me that I could definitely make this recipe again.

So do you like mayonnaise? Or do you agree with my husband?

This is what Works For Me.

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