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Life In The Country

I am sorry, but I decided to do another non food post. I hope you do not mind. I wanted to participate in Gratituesday today.

I love life in the country. If you have read my blog long I am sure you have realized that. Fall is my favorite time of year in Oklahoma and I especially enjoy fall in the country. I am not a summer person. I grew up in Oregon where people complain when it hits 90 degrees in August. So, 100 degree humid weather just is not my favorite part of living in Oklahoma. But I do love what comes after summer and that is fall. The weather is getting cooler, the bugs are going away, the trees start to change color, and things are being harvested.

We own 43 acres. The only thing we raise is a few hogs. A good portion of our land is field, and we do not raise any animals that use the fields or hay. So. we have someone who cuts our field for hay twice a year. Usually in June and again in the fall. I love the view around our property after the hay has been cut and before they haul it away. I am not sure why I do, but I do. So, for Gratituesday I thought I would share some pictures from around our property that I took last week. I really am grateful for country life.

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  1. I love your pictures! Especially the last one with the sun going down by the hay bales. I grew up on a farm and I miss it! I also love fall..it is such a fresh relief after a hot summer. And I love all of the things that go along with fall harvest. Such a great time of year!

  2. What a beautiful place! Thanks 4 sharing!

    I love the country!

  3. Lynn! My gratituesday post is on Fall!!! And I live in OK!!!!!

  4. how pretty.

  5. Catherine R. says:

    I wish you wouldn’t apologize anymore for your non-food posts! It’s neat to see what your life is like.

  6. Ok Catherine, I will try to stop aploogizing for non food posts. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I figure that people come to my blog for recipes and tips not personal stuff. So, I am glad to know some of you are enjoying the non food posts.

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