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Pear Peeler and Corer Update

I received quite a few comments when I posted about my grandmothers pear peeler and corer last week. I received a comment yesterday that I waned to post for those of you interested.

“THE PEAR PEELER AND THE STEMER-CORER HAVE BEEN MADE BY A.D.COWDREY COMPANY SINCE THE EARLY 50’S. IF YOU WOULD LOOK AT OUR WEB SITE adcowderey.com You can order them. We are in the process of closing the business so hurry. john h”

Thanks John for letting us know. Here is the link to the peeler and corer. http://www.adcowdrey.com/grape.htm

So, if you found them interesting and useful enough to buy one, you still can. It is too bad they are closing the company though. I guess there just is not the demand anymore for tools like this.

I am not sure that my tools were made by this company, the time if off. My grandmother did cannery work in the 40’s not 50’s. But even if this company did not make the ones that I have, the items they offer now seem to be the same idea. If I canned a lot of pears I would definitely order one of these tools new.

Thanks for all your comments on that post I am glad everyone found that post interesting.

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  1. Those are neat tools.
    We just use a knife to cut the pear in half and then cut a small groove to cut out the stem. Then we used a metal rounded 1/4 teaspoon to scoop out the seeds. Leaves a neat rounded hole! usually one person did all this and then dropped them in another of the families bowl and that one used a knife or peeler to peel the pear. We had a system down pat for canning multiple quarts of them at a time.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so behind on reading posts and you have so many interesting ones I’ll have to take the time.

    I have never ever heard of a pear peeler and corer. But sounds really, really cool.

    Also your daughters doilies are absolutely beautiful! Wow. My grandmother and great grandmother used to make them and I don’t even want to try (C:

  3. John Neilsen says:

    I googled “pear peeler corer” to find another one of these tools and your post came up. The link didn’t work, as you might guess. I grow about two million pounds of pears a year and recently started direct marketing canning pears. I must find a source of these for my customers and us. I bought the last two at Southern Oregon Sales, who use to sell all kinds of orchard supplies. What do today’s commercial pear canners use?

  4. Jerusha Buckner says:

    Do you know if these pear corers are still available anywhere?

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