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Seven Things About Me

Catherine tagged me and I decided to play along because I thought it might be a good time tell you a little more about me. I won’t tag anyone though.

I hope you enjoy reading some random facts about me.

1. I am five foot ten inches tall. I used to be very self conscience about my height. I never wore high heels, because it made me feel too tall. But now I do not feel tall, because my husband is six foot five inches tall. I feel short next to him.

2. The first time I made cookies, I was a teenager. I did not look carefully when I was putting in the ingredients, and I used liquid smoke instead of vanilla. I learned that you really need to pay attention when cooking. My husband and kids are glad that my cooking has improved since then.

3. I grew up in a small logging town in NW Oregon. The population of the town was 1,700 people. Their was one gas station in town and one small grocery store. The nearest mall, doctor, and major store were about one hour away. I now have trouble living in the city. I feel closed in. When my husband was in dental school, we lived in the Oklahoma City area. I hated it. I felt so closed in all the time. It made me really appreciate country life. I am so glad that we are able to live in the country now. I love it.

4. My favorite foods are chocolate and salt, but not combined. I hate things like chocolate covered pretzels and nuts. I love just about anything else chocolate, though. And I can eat more potato chips in one day than I care to admit.

5. I hate coffee. I hate the taste, and I hate the smell. I know those are strong words, but seriously, I can’t stand the taste or smell of it. You will not find any recipes that call for coffee on my blog. My husband does not drink it either. He made it through seven years of college, including dental school without drinking coffee to stay awake.

6. When I get stressed out or depressed, I bake a ton. I mean a ton, but I don’t eat it. I really do find baking relaxing.

7. Because of severe female problems, I was told that I would probably never have children. The Lord has blessed us with three beautiful children. I am now glad we were given this trial. It taught us so much about relying on the Lord. He is in control of everything. So often when we get married, we have a set plan. We will do this, then this, and so on. But no, God has a plan. We don’t always understand this plan, but He does. When we were faced with this trial, it was overwhelming at times. But looking back, I realize how much we needed to be faced with it. We learned and grew so much. We learned that we must concentrate on and be grateful for what we have, and not what we don’t.

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  1. Penless Thoughts says:

    Thanks for posting this, Lynn. It is nice to get to know you a little better.

  2. Catherine R. says:

    I enjoyed reading this too : ) Especially #7. That was encouraging to read.

    I think it’s a great lesson to pass on that you’ve learned that God knows your plans and has better ones. Plus, doctors aren’t God!

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