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Answers To Cooking Questions

Last week I was asked a couple of questions in the comment section. I decided that instead of answering them in the comment section, I would do a whole post on them.

Did you dry the apples in the oven?

I have a food dehydrator. My husband hunts and we bought one for making jerky. Last week was that first time that I have dried apples in it. I was very happy with the results and I am planning on making some more this week. I have heard that you can dry them in the oven, but I have never tried it. Has anyone tried drying apples in the oven?

I would love to hear about your spaghetti pie recipe and taco meat for my cooking group.

I will try to post my spaghetti pie recipe sometime in the next couple of weeks. You can read about how I cook my taco meat for freezing here. Taco meat is one of my favorite things to freeze.

Are you freezing your casseroles in those pyrex dishes or something else? I would like to know your method. Here is the answer to that question plus some extra information about how and why I make freezer meals.

I started doing freezer meals about six years ago when I was having some health problems. On the days I was not feeling well I would end up having my husband bring home pizza or he would have to cook. I realized I had to make a change that enabled our family to eat healthy even when I was not feeling up to cooking. I have been doing freezer meals since.

I have changed over time how I do them. I now am in better health and can focus more on cooking. My problem now is that I am busy. I have three kids that I home school. We have piano lessons, trips to the library, church, and many other things that keep our lives busy. I want my family to eat healthy but still allow for the days when I do not have time to cook.When I first started doing freezer meals I would do around thirty meals at one time. I would shop one day and cook for the next two.

This worked well at that point in my life. I would cook a lot when I was having a good week and then I would have plenty of meals in the freezer for when I wasn’t. I know that this is the way a lot of people do it. I have found this is not what works best for me now.

I have adapted my freezer meal planning to fit our life better now. I usually will double or triple recipes and eat one freeze the rest. I will do this over the course of a week or two. That way I do not have to take up three days to do meals but I can still get quite a few meals in the freezer. I have also found that we did not need as many meals in the freezer at this point in our life.

When I did a lot of freezer cooking I invested in some Pyrex containers with lids. These are great because they stack nice. I found them at Walmart for a reasonable price. The come in quite a few sizes. I label them using masking tape. These work great for pasta dishes, enchiladas, and my baked french toast that I freeze.

I also freeze a lot of my things in Ziploc bags. They work great for things like sloppy joe sauce, spaghetti sauce, chili, stew, soups, and more. I lay them on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Once they are solid I remove them from the cookie sheet. I do this so they freeze flat. Otherwise you end up with very odd shaped bags. At least I do, because I do not have a flat surface in my freezer to lay them on. I also label the bags well. I write the date and what it is. This is important. Things can get buried in the back or bottom of a freezer so you will want to know the date you put it in there.

I hope that answered your questions. One of the things I love most about blogging is the ability to ask others questions and learn how they do things. I love getting questions and will always try to answer them.

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  1. Penless Thoughts says:

    Appreciate your sharing all this with us.

  2. this is helpful info!! I enjoy doing freezer meals so that my freezer is stocked during weeks when I need to spend less at the grocery store. Can you freeze any meal? Are there specific things that don’t freeze well? What are your favorite meals to freeze? I may be able to find these answers if I look around your blog.

  3. LB, My favorite things to freeze are pasta dishes. Usually the ones with lots of sauce and cheese. Like lasagna, baked spag., noodle casseroles etc. I find that most soups and chili freeze well. I do not like to freeze soups or casseroles that contain rice or potatoes because they absorb too much liquid and the texture changes. I like to freeze chili and taco meat and then serve it a different way like over baked potatoes, on chips like nachos. Taco meat for taco salad or enchiladas, etc. That way we have variety. Another tip is to make sure that your food is cold. I make my dishes, allow them to cool a little, than I place them in the fridge for a few hours, and then I place in the freezer. This helps prevent freezer burn. I hope that helps.

  4. Jackie Brown says:

    You’re awesome to go into so much detail about my silly qts. As you can tell, I am following your blog on a daily basis. I’m gleaning a lot of wisdom from an experienced cook. I’m just as passionate as you are so I’m thoroughly enjoying and gaining much wisdom from you.

  5. Jackie Brown says:

    I’m going to look into the price for the pyrex dishes at Wal-mart for my cooking group since we are using aluminum pans. Do you know prices? I wonder if they would bring them back empty each month to cut down on the cost of buying disposable pans. Great thoughts for helping with the cooking ministry. Thanks

  6. Jackie, it has been a few years since I bought the dishes. But I think at Walmart I got three different sizes for around $10 or so. I like them better than disposable for several reasons. But I aslo like the different size because you do not always want a big pan of something. I like the lids because they stack well. I still use plastic wrap and than place on the lid. I hope you can find some for a good price.And I thought your ?? were great and that others would enjoy the answers. Ask any time you want!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.