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Casserole Crazy Cookbook

I have a new cookbook. It is called Casserole Crazy by Emily Farris. I was sent a copy of this book to review. I was happy to because I love casseroles. And I really like the concept of this book. I am not just saying I like this book, because I was sent a free copy. I give an honest opinion, you can read my past cookbook posts to see that.

I make a lot of casseroles. The reason I like casseroles is that so many of them are one dish dinners. Sometimes they need bread or salad but most of the time a casserole will contain a protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable in one dish. They can be made ahead of time and placed in the oven when needed. Many of them can also be frozen. You can make several and freeze them for the days that you do not have time to cook. Those things are what makes them work so well for busy moms.

I have seen many casserole recipes and I have made many of them. What I like about this book is it contains recipes that are not your average casserole. They are a new generation of casseroles. They are not the green bean or tuna noodle casseroles our mothers and grandmothers used to make.

I also like the labels the author puts under each recipe title. She rates how healthy the recipe it. For example she says, “Oh so good, but bad for you” or “Not so bad for you, vegetarian”. She also labels them if they are lactose or gluten free. I think it was really creative way she labeled them.

Some of the recipes in the book are Baked Chili, Reuben Casserole, Chicken Noodle Souperole, Bacon Egg and Cheese Quiche, Cheesy Green Bean and Bacon, and a Simple Lentil Bake. I really want to try the Chicken Mole Enchiladas that she has in the book.

I have tried the Quiche and the Chicken Souperole. They are both really good. I will post the recipes on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

I was able to ask the author a few questions about the book and its recipes. I will post the Q&A tomorrow.

I hope everyone checks back next week for the recipes for the Quiche and the Souperole. They really are good.

There is one thing about this book that I did not like. The title of one of the Mac and Cheese recipes is S*duction. There are several other comments like this in the book. Although I think they are unnecessary, and I do not like those comments, it would not prevent me from buying this book. I have other cookbooks that contain comments like this, and I still use them all the time. In fact, many church cookbooks contain the recipe called “Better Than S*x Cake”. In my opinion, comments about s*x and such, are not necessary in a cookbook. But I don’t discard a cookbook just because it may contain them.

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