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Whole Wheat Banana Muffins

If you have been reading my blog long, you know that I have been trying to make my recipes healthier, mainly by adding whole wheat. This is one of the recipes I have adapted that turned out really well.
I have found that in items like muffins and cookies, whole wheat pastry flour really works better. It is a lighter, softer wheat. I have been getting much better results when I use the whole wheat pastry flour in these items. This recipe turned out so well using whole wheat I am going to try whole wheat in several other muffin recipes that we enjoy.

My kids loved these for breakfast or for a snack.

This recipe adapted from a Martha Stewart Recipe.

Note: If you do not want to use whole wheat in this recipe you can use regular flour.

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  1. Catherine R. says:

    I made the pumpkin choc. chip muffins using half regular whole wheat flour and half regular white flour. They turned out great as far as I’m concerned.

    I think this method works pretty well when you don’t have any WW pastry flour on hand, or in my case, want to use up what you have. I think I heard whole wheat flour goes bad quicker or something.

  2. I have tried those pumpkin muffins with part whole wheat pastry. I want to try them 100% whole wheat next. Whole wheat does go rancid quicker. I keep mine in the freezer or fridge to help the shelf life of it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where do you buy whole wheat “Pastry flour”? my supper market doesn’t carry it?
    Massachusetts area. thanks.

  4. Some of the stores in my area carry it but some do not. I would try a more upsale market or a healthfood store like Whole Foods. It also may be in the healthfood section of your grocery store instead of the flour aisle. You will pay more for ww pastry but I think it is worth it. The brand I have used and liked is Bob’s Red Mill. You may be able to find the King Arthur brand in the NE. In my area Whole Foods has the Bob’s Red Mill Brand.

  5. Prasanthi Neeladaran says:

    Hi Lynn, Tried your whole wheat banana muffins as whole wheat apple muffins. Mashed up one bog red apple with the skin and used instead of bananas……It came out very well in my books. Thanks for the awesome receipe. I just found your blog and cant wait to be back home after TG to try the the beautiful breads you’ve made. Happy TG.

  6. Shannon S says:

    Baking some muffins right now. I don’t have bananas today. I did however have a bag of butterscoth morsels that I needed to use. So I followed your recipe using all white flour and sub’ing the suagr with 1/2 cup Truvia and 1/4 cup sugar. I also used egg whites instead of the whole egg. We will see how well this goes. I have never actually made muffins before.

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