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Whole Wheat Spoon Rolls

Right now I am really trying to incorporate more whole wheat into our diet. I am adjusting and changing recipes. I am doing a lot of experimenting and some things work and some things don’t.

I have found a few whole wheat bread recipes that I like. I have one that makes really good sandwich bread. But I was getting tired of just bread, so I am now experimenting on some other things, like muffins and rolls. One of the recipes that I have made using 50% whole wheat flour is Spoon Rolls. I was not sure how it would turn out, but it worked really well. I think the best way to describe it is part muffin and part roll.

We really liked these, and I will be making these a lot. They are really easy and you can make them ahead of time.

I do have a question for you. Has anyone made their own version of self rising flour using whole wheat or whole wheat pastry flour? If so how does it work? If no one has tried it, do you think it would work?

Adapted from a Hodgson Mill recipe.

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  1. This recipe sounds terrific – I may have to give it a shot! I just wanted to tell you that if you’re looking for a source for some whole grain recipes, King Arthur has a whole grain baking book that is worth checking out from the library if you can find it. We got it as a wedding gift this summer and I was hoping to crack into it during the fall. From flipping through the book, it looks like there are some good options – everything from breads to desserts and so on. Now, not all of it is light in terms of the fat and calories, which is partly why I haven’t tried it yet, but I think if you pick and choose they are still overall fairly healthy. And really, even whole-grain desserts aren’t an everyday thing anyhow. Good luck on your whole grain quest!

  2. Thanks Melissa.

  3. Yum, those sound really, really good.

  4. This sounds delicious and something my family would love! Thanks for sharing! 😀

    have a great Tuesday!

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