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Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I am trying to cook healthier. Well, you may wonder if I have given up on it. I have not, but with the holidays coming up I will be posting a lot of non healthy recipes and ideas. I hope you do not mind. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, plus on December 5, we are having a Christmas party at our house. Every year we have my husband’s staff and their families over for an office party. I have a lot recipes that I will be fixing for the party, so stay tuned for some great holiday desserts, candies, and appetizers in December.

In between all that, I am cooking healthier. I just may not post the recipes right now. I have a great new kitchen tool that is helping me cook a lot healthier and I hope to post about that soon. I also hope to post some healthy items in the middle of my unhealthy posts.

I also wanted to let you know about a blog that I recently found. It is the Happy Housewife. The Happy Housewife has a great program going on that I wanted to let you know about. She is doing Coupons For The Troops. What is coupons for the troops? Well, basically she collects coupons to send overseas to military families living on bases. The commissionaires on some bases let families use expires coupons. So, the Happy Housewife collects coupons from those that have unused or expired coupons and she sends them overseas for military families to use.

I love this idea. Since I have been cooking healthier, I am finding that I use a lot less of my coupons. Also, because of my daughter’s asthma I am no longer using regular cleaners, soaps, and detergents. So, I have a lot of those coupons that I just throw away. I also just throw out my coupons when they expire.

I will no longer have to throw them out. I will be mailing them to the Happy Housewife and she will pass them on to military families overseas. I love this idea. It is a very small way I can help military families. I can afford the cost of a stamp or two to mail them to the Happy Housewife. And I am so happy to know that some one will get some use out of something I was just throwing away.

Military families do not get the thanks they should for all they do for our country. This is a small way we can help show our thanks.

So, please go check out the Happy Housewife’s Coupons For The Troops and see if you can help. She posted about it today.

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