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Money Saving Website

If you have never been to the website Money Saving Mom, you really should check it out. She has all kinds of money saving tips and ideas. She list coupon deals and links to coupons. I have found this to be a good money saving source. Today for instance, she posted about a Goody hair product coupon that was for $2 off. Well, with two girls with long hair in the house I could definitely use that one. Last week I printed off coupons for tomatoes and flour from links she gave.

I am using less coupons now that I am avoiding a lot of processed foods, but I still find enough deals to make it worth visiting her site.

Now, a few notes for those of you who have never used internet coupons. They can be a bit frustrating at first. Some browsers and older computers don’t like some of the sites. But I have found that if I can’t get it to print in Internet Explorer it will usually print in Firefox. I always at least try to print them. Most of the time I can get them to work, but sometimes I can’t. Also, not all store will take internet printed coupons. I have found that Walmart and Target take them with no problems. I have read that from others online as well. Most sites will let you print two of the exact same coupons so this makes for some really good deals. Like today I was able to print off to of the Goody Hairproduct ones.

Also, some of the coupon sites make you sign up for a emailed newsletter. I usually do this because some of those newsletters contain coupon information. I have found it useful and worth it.

One more note, the money saving mom has been at this awhile. Learn from her, try some of her deals, but you probably won’t ever get all the deals she does. I learn a lot from the site, but we cook and eat different than she does. Also, her kids are much smaller than mine, we eat more than she does. I don’t think I will ever get my budget as low as she does, but that is fine. So, don’t get discouraged and overwhelmed by the site, she really has a lot of good money saving tips and ideas.

Do you use internet coupons? Have you visited the Money Saving Mom site? Or do you have another money saving blog or site you visit? I would love to hear about more moneysaving sites.

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  1. newlyweds says:

    Great post, yes I love her website and visit it almost daily!

  2. Catherine R. says:

    Bless Money Saving Mom but if you’re not careful she is one of those blogs that can leave you feeling inferior about your skills and resourcefulness. I know she doesn’t intend for that though. Like you said, not everything will work for everyone the same way it does for her. We are 2 people and there is just no way we could spend $40 a week on groceries for a wide variety of reasons (I wish).

    One thing to mention besides what you mentioned is that she lives in a part of the country where groceries are at least a good 15% cheaper than they are, for example, on the west coast where I am. Also, we do not have Aldi’s and many of the other stores she blogs about over here.

    Yes, I’m still pregnant… Just trying to distract myself!

  3. Catherine, I so agree about feeling inferior which is why I said what I did. Also, those of us in central USA do have cheaper cost of living. We have Aldi’s but we don’t have CVS here which is one of MoneySavingMom’s favorite stores, here in OK. We all have to do our best where God has put us. You are living in a very expensive area, I don’t see how anyone could do $40 a week in OR where you live.

  4. I go to the Money Saving Mom site almost daily, but I take everything I read at most of these sites with a grain of salt. Demographically, my family is nothing like hers–we eat differently, shop differently, and have a totally different lifestyle. I try to remember just to pick and choose the things that benefit me and my family, and leave the rest alone!

  5. shopannies says:

    love this site as well found it just recently but it is on my list of favorites

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.