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Saturday To Do List

Next Friday is our office Christmas party. Sorry, but you will be hearing lots about it this week. It is what is on my mind. I do plan on posting recipes so stay tuned for that. I also plan to post my to do list each day. I am hoping that motivates me to get it done. Besides what is on the list I have regular life things to do. I still have cooking, cleaning, laundry, and homeschooling. I have just put my extra jobs on the lists.

So here is today’s list. I am so glad that I can already cross some things off. I was able to get a few things done yesterday. Now off to work……


Clean fridge out
Clean baseboards
Dust everything
Check for cobwebs
Decorate- We don’t do a lot for Christmas decorations. We keep it very, very simple. I pretty much just decorate for the party.

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