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Baking For the Holidays

Do you need gifts for the holidays? Have you thought about giving home made food? I love cooking and baking, but a lot of people do not or they do not have the time. I recently posted about going to the Amish store and being amazed at how much people would pay for the home made breads and cookies that they sold.

Most people would love to get food items. Yes, you can make candy, I have been posting a lot of recipes for those. But think a little different than the regular holiday food items. How about a loaf of home made bread or a pan of cinnamon rolls. You could make cookies or muffins or try my caramel corn. Home made mixes like my brownie mix also make great gifts. There are a lot of options.

I like to pick up Christmas plates and containers at stores like Dollar General or Big Lots. You can find quite a few nice plates and dishes inexpensively. Food always looks nicer served on a pretty dish and this is a way to do that inexpensively.

Many people need gifts to give to neighbors, teachers, and friends, but cannot afford to spend a lot. Making something for them would be a lot cheaper. People know that baking takes time and they appreciate the time you spent.

For more frugal ideas see Frugal Fridays.

For my holiday baking recipes check out these posts: Oreo cookie bark, tiger bark, nut clusters, chocolate caramel bars, coconut patties, and butter rum cake.

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  1. All your recipes look so yummy, Lynn. I just printed out your brownie mix and will definitely be giving that a try. Your blog makes me want to pull up a chair at your kitchen table. And hope to be invited to taste one of your treats ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Penless Thoughts says:

    I’ve been busy making some of your fun holiday recipes. Thanks so much for posting these. I’m going to a luncheon at a friends Tuesday and planning on taking a small plate full for all 10 guests.

  3. Also, if you want to give something homemade to someone, but for some reason can’t give them something ready made (if they live far away, for instance), you can do a homemade baking mix. Package it in a decorative plastic bag and tie it with a ribbon, or you can use up fabric scraps to make little cloth bags to hold clear plastic bags. People seem to really like these mixes. They may wind up sitting in the pantry until after the holidays, but then it’s a pleasant reminder that can bring back a nice memory of the season!

  4. Great idea Melissa.

  5. Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" says:

    Some of my very favorite “neighbor” gifts are plates of homemade goodies. There is just something about those homemade treats that make me feel happy. Just the other day we got our first offering (some fabo fudge) and I was so excited!

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