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Do You Need A Cooking Break

Lately, I have been feeling very unmotivated to cook. I know that is pretty bad when you are writing a cooking blog. But it seems like this happens to me at least once a year. I think one of the things causing it this year it was all the holiday cooking that I did. But I think some of it is because of the pressure of trying to cook and bake healthier. Trying to cook most things from scratch is a lot of work, even for those of us who like to cook.

I just needed a break from cooking and recipes, schedules and lists. So, I took one and I am actually still taking a form of one. Two weeks ago my menu fell apart. I did not want to make anything on it and had no motivation to figure out what else to cook. So, I started simplifying my menu. I continued this last week, except for Christmas Eve and Christmas, and I am continuing it this week.

We have not been eating the healthiest. Yes, we have been eating food from packages and pasta sauces from jars. I have been buying store bought bread and we have eaten breakfast for dinner at least once a week. We have also eaten out a couple of times.

Although this has not been the healthiest, it has been so nice. I really needed a break and it has helped. I am feeling much more motivated to cook. I am ready to work hard on cooking healthier. I am ready to start the new year.

Several years ago I struggled with this same problem for quite awhile. Nothing sounded good. No recipes looked good. I did not even want to go grocery shopping. My kids were really young and we were very busy at the time. But I refused to give myself a break. I continued to try to put home cooked, full meals on the table. But my desire and love of cooking was disappearing. I finally realized that I should give myself a break. I realized it was okay to do that. I bought packaged and frozen items that I never had before and we ate out several times. After about a week or two of doing this, I was ready to start cooking again. I have learned that as soon as I feel this way, I need to step back and simplify my cooking.

So, my kitchen tip for today is to occasionally take a break from serious cooking. Step back and simplify things. Yes, we have to eat, so you will have to cook or fix something. Most of us can’t afford to eat out for every meal. But step back and make things simple for a week or two. Buy a few extra packaged items. Eat breakfast or sandwiches for dinner. Simplify your cooking and hopefully it will give you the motivation you need to continue to cook.

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  1. Great way to look at it. I’m in a cooking funk, too. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I keep quickie meals in boxes or frozen bags just for those days that my menu “explodes” and I don’t feel like fixing what is on it.

  3. George Erdosh says:

    Though I am a pro, I never get tired of cooking/baking; how else can you get good meals? With good tools, good recipes and a little skill, it’s not a chore but an enjoyable therapy. And for a whole book of kitchen tips:

    Check out my latest (Nov/08):

    Tried and True Recipes from a Caterer’s Kitchen—Secrets of Making Great Foods


  4. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a break from cooking! I agree that after a few days of not cooking it is nice to get into the kitchen again!

  5. BarbaraLee says:

    We all get that way. Thankfully I had some meals in the freezer that took care of my problem.

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