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Meal Planning Monday

We ate really unhealthy last week. I feel like all I did was spend time in the kitchen making really unhealthy, but very good I might add, food. I am going to try and get back on track this week and make some healthy things.

I hope to make whole wheat bread at least twice this week. I also have a few things leftover from the office party on Friday that I need to use up. Two of the things are tortillas and some cheese, so we will have enchiladas one night. We also have a little bit of cheese, crackers, and meat that we will probably eat for a lunch or two.

I will continue to post my party recipes, so if you need some holiday candy and dessert ideas keep checking back.

Here is the plan for this week.


eggs and muffins

cold cereal

french toast sticks





cheese and crackers


potato soup

beef enchiladas and vegetables

tomato soup with sausage

pasta sauce over whole wheat noodles, bread, and salad

salmon burgers, homemade buns, and sweet potato fries


frittata and fruit or vegetables

For more menu ideas see meal planning Monday.

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