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Meal Planning Monday

I have planned a simple menu this week. We have a very busy week and we are still not fully recovered from our sickness. I decided this was a good week to keep things very simple. We are having a chili dinner and dessert and game night at our church New Year’s Eve, so I am going to take my Chicken Chili to that. I also hope to make some cupcakes to take to that.

I am feeling like we have been eating very unhealthy this last month, so after this week I am determined to get back on track with eating healthier.

For now though here is this week’s plan.



Eggs and Toast



Breakfast for dinner

Grilled Cheese

Chicken Chili

Soup (I am not sure what kind yet)


Cabbage, potatoes, and sausage (maybe we will see)

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  1. learningtobefrugal says:

    Great menu! Have a Happy New Year!


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