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Well, the office party is over and the mess is cleaned up. It went really well and everyone enjoyed the food. I will post pictures and more recipes next week.

I always end up trying new recipes for the party. It is too difficult to try everything out ahead of time. Well, one of the recipes this year was a disaster. Martha failed me. Yes, Martha Stewart’s recipe failed me. I tried a shortbread cookie that I saw in her magazine. It looked so good and it was very pretty in the picture. I thought it would be a great one to try. It wasn’t. It tasted okay, but not great for the amount of butter and chocolate it had in it. But it was not pretty, not at all. It fell apart, the chocolate top part slid off the bottom cookie part. Overall it was just an ugly, okay tasting dessert. There was no way I was going to serve it.

So, Thursday night I made a pumpkin cake that I had made many time. Thankfully, I had everything for it. I had trouble coming up with a dessert to make in place of the one that did not turn out. I needed something quick to make. We do not have a store close by, so I needed it to be something that I had everything for. The trouble was though, now that I am cooking healthier, I did not have any mixes or anything. I have several cakes and desserts that I knew would work but they called for mixes and such. I have not been buying those. The pumpkin cake did have a mix as a base, but I decided to make it because it called for a yellow cake mix, which was the one mix that I had. I will need to remember that for next. I need to have a back up dessert recipe and be sure I have all the ingredients.

The coconut patties were a big hit. Everyone loved those. The White Chocolate Raspberry dessert was also very good. It was a new recipe and I will make it again. It was not the prettiest after it was cut but the taste made up for it. I think next time I make it, I will have to come up with a better way to serve it. But it was really good, I will try to post the recipe for that on Monday or Tuesday.

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