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Birthday Cake Idea

I asked my friend Faith to guest post today. Last year she made a birthday cake that I thought was a very creative idea, so I thought I would have her share it with you today. Faith has a great craft blog. She is way more creative and talented than I am when it comes to crafting. She has many ideas, especially for crafting with kids. You can check her blog out at Faith Of All Crafts.

I hope you enjoy her post.

Wow! What an honor to get to guest for Lynn.

My children are very excited about birthdays. As soon as one person’s birthday is over, they begin planning the next one. My husband’s birthday comes after mine. Last year, after my birthday, my 6 yr old asked, “What kind of cake do you want for your birthday, Daddy?” My husband (not caring very much about cake) replied, “The kind that is a bun, with barbecue between.” So, that is what he got.

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  1. That is SO cute, Faith! Sounds like the kind of cake my guy would like too.

  2. This is so cute and different. I have a son in love who would get the biggest kick out of this. I’m keeping it to remember come next November!!!

  3. this is such a great creative idea!
    I could suggest brushing warm honey on the top and sprinkling sesame seeds. (you cant taste them)

    I made favors for the kids last year.

    I made mini candy hamburgers.

    Vanilla wafer buns, mini mint pepper mint pattys as the patty, shredded coconut with green food coloring as lettuce, with red and yellow cake frosting as ketchup and mustard. was so cute!. with the honey on top it looks like a toasted bun.

  4. What a CUTE idea! I will try this during the summer for a BBQ cookout. Adding sesame seeds to the top would be great…

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