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Busy Week Menu

I am going to have a very busy two weeks. We are in the middle of moving my husband’s office to a new location. This is much more complicated than I realized. I have decided that moving a home full of stuff is much easier. When you are moving, you can pack some items ahead of time. There are many things that you can do with out for a short time. You can pack away books, out of season clothes, some kitchen items, etc. You can also take your time unpacking many of these same items.

Moving a business on the other hand is much more complicated. When moving a business you are on a much tighter time frame. You have to function as a business in the process of moving. You can’t function as a business without your stuff. So, you have a very small window to pack everything and unpack everything. Thankfully we are only moving about a mile from our current location. This is making the move at least a little easier, but not much.

So, this is how I am spending the next couple of weeks. Helping move my husband’s office. I spent all day Saturday cleaning at the new location. I am going to be spending at least three days this week and most of next week helping to clean, pack, move, and unpack everything.

I do plan on blogging some, as time allows. I have quite a few posts done ahead of time. I have also asked a friend of mine to guest post a couple of days and my niece who loves to cook is going to do a guest post. I will be checking in once or twice a day to read comments, but I doubt that I will have much time to visit other blogs.

Most of you know that over the last six months or more I have really been trying to cook healthier. I have been avoiding a lot of packaged and processed foods. Well, I decided that with a busy couple of weeks, I was going to have to make an exception on this. I just don’t have the time over the next two weeks to put into cooking that I would like to. And I don’t have enough freezer meals done ahead. You will see many things on my menu plan that I don’t usually fix. I went to Sam’s Club last week and purchased many things I rarely or never buy. I felt bad doing that, but I was afraid we would end up eating out a lot if I didn’t buy some prepared and easy to fix items. My kids however were quite excited with all the junk food I bought. They are really looking forward to this menu.

I do have a turkey that I bought during the holidays when they were on sale. I decided to cook that tomorrow. I figure that I will spend quite a bit of time tomorrow cooking, and we will eat the leftovers for the next few days. This will save me time later this week.

So, here is the menu plan for the next ten or so days.


yogurt and toast

cottage cheese and muffins

cold cereal


eggs and toast




hot dogs and chips

frozen burritos


turkey, potatoes, rolls, and vegetables

turkey sandwiches and vegetables

turkey soup

hotdogs, chips, and salad

2x frozen fish fillets, french fries, and fruit

2x chicken sandwiches (using frozen breaded chicken patties) and vegetables

salmon burgers (frozen), vegetables, and tator tots

eating out- once or twice

For more menu ideas so Menu Planning Monday.

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