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Great Kids Snacks

My kids must be going through a growth spurt. Two of my kids think they are always starving. I mean always. My son especially is constantly asking for a snack. He is very tall and very thin, so when he says he is hungry I figure I should probably give him at least something to eat.

My problem though has been coming up with healthy and quick snacks. I like things that I can tell them to get themselves. Like, yes you may go get some raisins. But they are getting tired of dried fruit or regular fruit.

So, this is what I did. I made my own trail mix. It is much cheaper then buying it. Plus, if I make it I can control what goes into it. I can put all kinds of dried fruit and or nuts in it. My kids love it when I put chocolate chips or m&m’s in it. I know that makes it less healthy, but it is nice for a treat.

The trail mix that I made most recently contained peanuts, raisins, gourmet raisins that I got on sale, dried bananas that I cut up, and some chocolate chips. My son helped me make this and he thought it was fun. I like it because now I have a snack that my kids can grab a handful of and be satisfied, well for at least five minutes anyway.

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  1. Yum! This sounds easy and delish and healthy too!!

  2. Peoples Family says:

    What a great idea! I used to make some for my husband to take to class for a snack. I need to start making some again for when I need a snack!

  3. I can relate!
    What is it with kids and eating. I’d like to get some astronaut meals I can just point them towards. (kidding!)
    If only their green beans disappeared as fast as the snacks.

  4. It must be that time of year. My kids are like infants now. They eat every 2 hours. I like this idea.

  5. Raggedy Girl says:

    I like Roseanne Barr's trail mix:
    Kraft Caramels, M&Ms, Chocolate Covered Peanuts.

    I would like to say I am only kidding and I just eat nice healthy trail mix but I cannot tell a lie… Roseanne is my hero!

    Roberta Anne

  6. My kids are always starving, too. I do this same thing except I prepackage some of it in baggies. I put 1/2 c. in the snack size bags and put them all in a basket in the pantry. That way the kids can grab one to take to school for snack or grab one on there way out to play. This way it is portion controlled too.

    What is it with kids and food, anyway. Seems no matter how much you give them, four hours later, they always want more.


  7. My daughter loves trail mix and we usually make our own. It’s very good.

  8. Great idea, Lynn. I’m positive my kids would gobble this up, especially if they saw the odd chocolate chip here and there!

  9. Eli's Lids says:

    Yum! Snacks are a hard one. My son loves oranges so I get the cuties for us to take out and about.

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