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Meal Planning Monday January 18-24

I hope that this week will be a bit calmer for me. I am hoping to stay at home and get some things accomplished. One of the things that I hope to do is put a few things in the freezer. Monday I am going to make meatloaf and I plan to make three so that two can go in the freezer. I also hope to make several batches of cookies to freeze. I know that the last week of this month and the first week of February are going to be incredibly busy for me. I want to put some things in the freezer to help make these weeks go better.

Here is the plan for this week.


eggs and muffins

cottage cheese, fruit, and muffins

yogurt and toast


eggs and muffins or toast





Pizza and salad

Meatloaf, pesto, and salad

Roast, potatoes, and vegetables

Oven Grits

Chili and cornbread

Barbecue pork sandwiches and french fries

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  1. The BBQ pork sounds yummy!

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