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Chunky Chicken Barley Soup

I have a big three ring binder full of all the recipes that I have clipped from Southern Living Magazines over the last few years. I love their recipes and I have found many recipes that I enjoy. Whenever I copy or tear out a recipe from one of their magazines I put it in this binder.

I have tried many of these recipes. But I have many recipes left in my binder that I have not tried, so I occasionally try to look through my binder and find new things to try. This recipe was one that I recently found and tried. I am so glad I did. This soup was so good. The whole family enjoyed this soup. It was easy, healthy, and frugal. This soup is also perfect for a cold winter day.

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  1. Ooh I love barley! I can’t wait to try this. Have you used “Better than Bullion”? It adds the most incredible flavors. It’s SO much better than canned broth and worth the extra expense. Lisa~

  2. I have not used Better Than Bullion. I have used chicken and beef bases. They are like a bullion but a paste. Is it like that?

  3. Yum! Barley has become a familyfavorite recently. I use it now in place of rice. I’m glad to find another recipe taht uses it!

  4. Rhonda in OK says:

    This looks really good. I’ve got all the ingredients and have printed off this recipe too.


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