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Cooking With Kids-Making Peanut Butter

I finally have a fairly healthy cooking with kids recipe. My kids loved this recipe. We made this yesterday and it was a fun afternoon project. My kids all thought it was so fun.

I liked it because I think it helps them relate to food better. My son was thrilled to find out peanut butter comes from real peanuts. I guess he had not put the two together. I guess it might be kind of like not knowing steak comes from a cow or eggs from a chicken. So, not only was this fun it was educational.
I found this recipe in the Paula Deen cookbook that my daughter received for Christmas. She has been begging me to let her cook from this cookbook. I have not had much time to cook, let alone cook with my kids. This week though I was determined to cook something with my kids. This recipe was the one we choose.

I was not sure if my kids would like this one. I knew it would be different from store bought, but my kids loved it. My daughter thought it tasted better than those that you buy. I also thought it was very good. It does have a different texture, but it was really good. I think this would be expensive to make all the time, but it was nice to have peanut butter tasting so natural. My husband though, the peanut butter lover of the family, said store bought is better. He is not a fan of the natural kinds of peanut butter so I expected this.

Here is what we did.

I think this would be good with a little honey mixed in it. I think I will try that and spread it on toast. Yummy!

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  1. How neat, Lynn. Love the picture of your son, too. Even natural peanut butter you buy at the store separates. I think I’ll have to give this a try.

  2. I’ve got a good recipe for flour-less peanut butter cookies on my food blog. I used store-bought peanut butter and I thought the dough was a bit too soft–I bet this would be really good in that recipe!

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