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Eating Out

The last two weeks around my house have been crazy. We just finished moving the office to a new location. During this time we ate out a lot. I had very little time to plan and prepare meals. We also bought several lunches and dinners for the contractors and workers that were working hard to finish the job up.

In our normal everyday life we do not go out to eat much, maybe twice a month. We just don’t spend the money doing that. I also know that it is much healthier to eat at home and I love to cook, so I do.

Eating out was what worked best during this time, but it reminded me how expensive eating out is. When I started adding up the receipts today of what we spent I was amazed. Yes, we bought food for staff and other workers, but still. I can’t believe people spend what they do on eating out. I know many people who eat out three or four times a week. Many people that work go out to eat for lunch everyday. I can’t understand spending that much money everyday on food.

I think most people don’t realize what they spend on this. I think if more people kept track of what they spend each week and month on eating out, they would be surprised. I don’t think people pay attention to it. A five dollar lunch one day, and twenty dollar dinner the next, and on and on. It adds up.

So, my frugal advice for today is pay attention to what you spend on eating out. It really does add up over the course of time.

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  1. i’m a new brown-bager convert. but i still miss fast food!

  2. I agree! I really enjoy eating out, but we’ve cracked down on it. Just switching to water instead of tea or a soft drink when eating out will save several dollars.

  3. I agree! I enjoy eating out too because it gives me a break in the kitchen. However, I am finding with a little bit of planning I can still have fast food at home that is homecooked that is good, nutritious and a lot cheaper than going to a restaurant. ๐Ÿ™‚

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