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Menu Planning Monday

I never made the black bean pizza last week, so you will see it on the menu again this week. We ended up having a bunch of errands to do last Friday and we got home late. I was tempted to go out to eat on the way home because I knew that I would not have time to make pizza. But I really did not want to eat out, so I made nachos for dinner. Not a very fancy or gourmet meal, but it was quick and easy. I love keeping things like that on hand for times like these.

I have several things that I bought while I was working a few weeks ago that I want to use up. So, you will see chili dogs and salmon burgers on the menu. By the way, the frozen salmon burgers that Sam’s Club sells are very good and pretty healthy for a quick, frozen meal. We have really enjoyed them.

I also have a lot of leftovers from last week. I cooked way to much several nights, so tonight we are going to have leftovers.

I have a few cookies recipes that I am hoping to try this week. I am really trying to come up with some semi healthy cookies. I am trying to adapt some of my favorites. I will keep you updated on how it goes.

Here is this week’s plan.


muffins and eggs

coffee cake and eggs





chili dogs and salad


black bean pizza and salad

meatloaf (will be freezing two), pasta, and vegetables

salmon burger and tator tots ( my kids will be thrilled we never eat tator tots)

quesadillas, rice, and homemade refried beans


For more see Menu Planning Monday.

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