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Spring Is Here

Spring is here and I am so glad. The weather is getting warmer and a few things are blooming, like jasmine and the dogwood trees. Another sign of spring is that we worked out in the garden on Saturday and planted some lettuce. Gardens are so much work, but so worth it. There is nothing like home grown lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a little more so that we can plant some more.

I am so grateful that spring is here.

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  1. me too! although it was only 30 some degrees this morning and the sun was shining so brightly through the windows when we woke up that i just knew it was warm out! lol, not a chance! you could see your breath it was so cold! brrr.

  2. Organized Nutrition says:

    OH, could you please send it my way!!!! I am so waiting for it to arrive…

  3. Mary Beth says:

    I love spring! Gardens are wonderful. Years ago, before I had children, I had a vegetable garden and I loved it. Thanks for the happy thoughts. : )

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