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Vision Forum

This is a cooking blog. I do occasionally post other things like how to remove skunk smell, but in general I try to stick mainly to food. I know that is why people read my blog. You come for recipes and cooking tips, but today I am going to take a break from food posts to do a review.

In the past year I have done a few reviews, but they have been food related. However, I was recently offered to review a product by Vision Forum. Vision Forum is a company that I have ordered many homeschool books and products from. They also have a lot of other things that we have ordered and enjoyed. I have been an affiliate of theirs for awhile, you can see the link in my sidebar. I have not really pushed their products because this is a food blog. However, because I really enjoy their products and what they are doing, I decided to do this review.

Before I talk about the review, I wanted to tell you about a few other products Vision Forum offers that we love. We are very particular about what we let our kids watch for movies and TV. Several years ago we ordered the Roy Rogers DVD set that they sell. My kids loved it. My husband and I loved it because it was clean and good TV. Yes, it was filmed many years ago, but my kids love it. We now have two dogs named Dale and Roy because of these movies.

This also gave my son a love for cowboys. He loves anything cowboy. In fact, last year for his birthday we got him the cowboy outfit, hat, and spurs, that Vision Forum sells, and for Christmas, we got him the Will Rogers rope set from them. I could list many more Vision Forum items we have bought and enjoyed, but on to the review.

The item that I am reviewing is the CD set, “History Has Been Made” which contains moments and messages of the 2009 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. I have really enjoyed listening to this. Again, we really watch what our kids view as far as movies and TV, so I think what this film festival does is great. They are trying to provide an alternative to the typical Hollywood productions.

We enjoyed hearing from the VonTrapp Family Singers and Actor Dean Jones(he is the actor from the Herbie The Love Bug movies). We had never heard Charlie Zahm or George Sarris before, and enjoyed listening to both of them.

I think one of my favorite things about the set was hearing from Kirk Cameron. He starred in the recent movie “Fireproof”, which my husband and I loved. As most of you remember, he starred in the the 80’s sitcom “Growing Pains”. It was so good to hear that he has not gone the way of so many Hollywood stars.

This set contains 14 CD’s ranging in topics from opening and closing ceremonies to panel discussions and a wide range of topics on Christian films. I still have a few of the CD’s to listen to, and I am looking forward to hearing them. I noticed that when my kids wanted to skip ahead to hear more from the VonTrapps on the closing ceremonies CD that there must have been audio problems. There were screeching noises, but otherwise this set has been well worth listening to. It has been interesting and thought provoking.

One more thing, Vision Forum is having a spring sale right now. You can click through to them from the banner in my sidebar or below, if you would like to check out their products. And thanks for putting up with a non-food review.

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  1. We love Vision Forum as well.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.