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Banana Split Cake

My daughter likes to be creative. She always comes up with unique cakes that she wants for her birthdays. This year was no exception. For her birthday a couple of weeks ago she choose a banana split cake.

We saw a recipe from Martha Stewart that was called banana split cake and she immediately knew she wanted it. She loves bananas. She also likes to be unique and a banana split cake is unique.

This cake actually surprised me. I was a bit skeptical about it being good. But it really was. I enjoyed it much more then I thought I would. It was the same idea of a layered banana pudding, but with cake and chocolate. I think this cake would make a great dessert to serve a large group of people because you can make it ahead of time. And trifles always look pretty.

This is not exactly like Martha’s. I made some changes, but it is the same basic idea.

This is a bit messy. The bowl is really full and the final chocolate sauce spilled over, so I placed a plate under my trifle bowl. But it still looked really pretty.

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  1. ~~tonya~~ says:

    That should be illegal!! MMMMM

  2. That looks yummy! thanks for the recipe. And happy birthday to your daughter.

  3. Oh no you didn’t. Why do people post things like this when I am clearly five months pregnant? Ugh. It’s not even 10am, and I could easily devour that entire thing. Holy yumminess!

  4. THis looks fabulous and something my family would devour! Thanks for posting! ๐Ÿ˜€

    have a great day!

  5. OH MY this looks heavenly…it must be banana day if you have time stop by http://www.auntpamscloset.com for my banana receipe

  6. this looks super yummy!

  7. Wow that looks amazing! Definetly gonna try this one!

  8. I think your daughter sounds like she has impeccable taste!

  9. This looks so creamy and delicious and soothing

  10. Jerri - Simply Sweet Home says:

    Wow! This looks super-yummy!

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