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Guest Post – Waffle Maker Tip

I recently read a tip from a friend of mine that I thought was a great idea. I asked her to do a guest post and she agreed. So thanks Susan, it is a great tip. I hope you all enjoy it.

Have you ever replaced a favorite well used appliance only to face the disappointment of, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to!”? Such was my experience recently when my faithful hand-me-down waffle iron from the 1970’s retired and a younger model stepped in.

I bought a bright new one with the trendy “Belgian style” label on it. It really was no deeper than my old iron, but I was hopeful that I would have taller than ever waffles. Quite the contrary! The waffles were thin, pale, and soft. The new thing could not bake a waffle properly to save its life. The same batter I had used successfully in the old maker just wouldn’t work. After several ugly batches, it occurred to me to turn the waffle iron over (just like the hotel waffle irons) immediately after filling. That would get the batter to touch both grills. Presto! Now the waffles came out tall and evenly baked.

Here is what you do: Set up your iron on a wooden board to protect your countertop. Or, use your stovetop as I do.

Fill your iron with batter. Put on oven mitts and turn over iron.

When steaming slows down, turn iron right side up and watch for doneness.

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  1. This is a good tip. I bought a round belgian waffle maker and it works really well…waffles nice and crispy and tall. But I would like to make wafflewiches sometimes and you can’t do that with the round waffles. So, think I’m gonna break out my “old school” waffle maker and try this technique. Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    what a great idea… i would have never thought of doing that!

  3. I can hardly wait to try this out! Who would have thought!?!

  4. Great tip! 😀

  5. This is a FABULOUS tip! I have had the same problem. I bought this highly rated, very nice Belgian waffle maker, but the only batter I could get to work properly was the one that came with the waffle maker – which involves whipping the egg whites. This was a pain to do every time. This tip will allow me to try some of the other waffle batters that I have. Thank you!

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