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My Guest Post At The Happy Housewife

Toni at The Happy Housewife is busy taking care of her new baby girl, Cora. I was able to help her out by doing a guest post about one of my favorite roll recipes. You can read the post here.

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  1. Anne Alagna says:

    Oh, I love love love your blog! Thank you for sharing all these great recipes. Quick question… I want to make these rolls tomorrow. I have no wheat, just white flour. What difference should I make in the recipe? Or should I just go into town for wheat? Giggle… Anne

  2. All white is fine. The original recipe actually called for white flour and I adapted it for whole wheat. They should be fine. I hope you enjoy them.

  3. would love to try your rolls….do you know how to convert a recipe to mixing/making the dough in a bread machine? I know it’s the weenie-baker’s way out, but I am intimidated by hand-mixing.

  4. I don’t use a bread machine so I am not sure about converting this. The only thing I can think of is to scale down the recipe for the amount of flour your bread machine uses then put it on the dough cycle. Other then that I am not sure. Sorry I could not be more help. moneysavingmom.com posted about making the rolls and several in her comment section asked the same thing. You may check back in her comments and see if anyone tried it.

  5. Never a Dull Moment.... says:

    I posted this over at The Happy Housewife, when I thought that I probably should post it here when I noticed it was actually your post. Here is what I posted: Hi, I saw this post and decided I had to try these. I made them last night for dinner. I ground my own wheat first into a flour and then proceeded with the recipe. Mine turned out VERY heavy. They tasted good, but they didn’t turn out like you described in texture. Can any one tell me why they think that is? I am new at doing this, so I need some help/pointers. Also, mine cracked on top and didn’t come out smooth looking as you pictured. Are they supposed to spread/rise a little while baking? Thank you soooo much in advance for taking time to respond!

    Do you think you could help me??? I am trying really hard to bake more bread from home. We are on a VERY tight budget, which is why I am getting into doing this. Thanks so much!


  6. First I am unclear if you used all whole wheat or did you use part whole wheat like the recipes said? Second, is your yeast still good. Yeast will and does go bad. How old is it and do you store it in the fridge. They do rise a little during baking. As far as the crack goes, I am guessing they may have been overbaked. That is usually the cause when my bread products crack. Ovens do vary a little so I would reduce the time. I hope that helps. I am sorry they did not turn out better for your. I know moneysavingmom.com tried them and posted about them. She loved them but I have not read through all the comments on her post to see what the results of others were. Let me know if you have any others questions. I will try to answer.

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