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Searching My Site

I think my search box is fixed. Did you know it wasn’t working right?

I have had trouble finding my own recipes for awhile, but wasn’t quite sure why. I did not think I could do anything about it. But when a friend was having problems she asked her son about it. He suggested a few things and we got it fixed. Thanks W for your help.

So, I am sorry if you have had trouble searching my site. You should not have any problems now. I hope!

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  1. Snow White says:

    is that search box an app? I have been wanting to add one to my blog — but haven’t figured out how.

  2. Yes it is through google search. You set up an account, it is really easy and they send you an email to get the code to add to your site. We figured out that mine got messed up when I went from a .blogspot to a .com last year. But I got it fixed yesterday. Besides that I have loved having it.

  3. Snow White email me if you have any other ???’s.

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