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My eleven year old daughter and I went blueberry picking.  The farm that we picked the berries at is only a few miles from our house. We both enjoyed our morning together in the blueberry field and we came away with a lot of blueberries.

I love fresh from the field berries. They are so much better than the ones that you buy in the store.

I will be posting  soon what I made with the blueberries. I tried several new recipes that turned out really well.

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  1. I love fresh picked blueberries!

  2. ohhhh I am jealous!! I love eating blueberries fresh from the field!!

    Blueberries are not ready around my area til mid-July! We just started fresh from the field strawberries though! Yummy! 🙂

  3. Fresh blueberries are one of my favs! I’m looking forward to the recipe you will share soon.

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