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Checking Feeds

When I switched to WordPress I had some trouble with my feeds. If you are reading this in a reader like google, bloglines, etc. could you please take time to comment and let me know if you read this post.  It would help me figure out if the feed is working correctly.  Thank you so much!

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. I am reading it fine.

  2. I am reading it fine.

  3. Working good.

  4. I can read it in google reader!

  5. Working. I got the other “test” message, too.

  6. I’m seeing your feed in Google Reader just fine.

  7. It is working in Google Reader.

  8. Hi – I use google reader and just tonight 11 of your posts, including this one showed up in my reader.

  9. Looking good in google reader.

  10. I got it in google reader, though it says I got it at 6:38pm instead of 9am like Susan – Penless Writer. Maybe its just slower with google reader.

  11. I can read it also

  12. I’m able to see it using Google Reader.

  13. I am reading this in google reader 🙂

  14. Perri Huddleston says:

    bloglines OK

  15. For Mac OSX owners using the mail program, you will need to resubscribe from the new site to pick up the new feeds.

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