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Green Beans

Right now I have a lot of green beans from my garden. The bowl pictured above is what I picked today and I am guessing I will pick at least that in another day or two. My girls love green beans and are thrilled that we have so many right now.

Today I was looking around online for some tips for freezing green beans. I came across this site that is all about green beans. Who knew that there were so many facts just on green beans. They have recipes, tips for canning, and freezing, and also information about different varieties. It reminds me of the site I found last year all about carrots.

So, if you want to learn more about green beans you can check out the site here.

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  1. Nothing is better than fresh green beans. Well, maybe a fresh Iowa tomato straight from the garden. Better yet – a meal of fresh green beans and tomatoes!

    I love to stalk my freezer with green beans and have them all year long!!

  2. Have you ever tried canning Dilly Beans? They are just pickled green beans and are so easy and so good. My kids love them and they don't really like green beans much. Just a thought – that is how I use up my green beans.


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