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Menu Plan and Construction Update

Well, the update has not happened yet. All construction has delays and problems and I guess website construction is no different. We hope to have everything changed by Monday evening. So, since the switch had not happened I decided to go ahead and post my menu plan.

We have a busy week. First, all three of my kids woke up this morning sick with sore throats, congestion, and two had fevers. I hope this is a quick sickness and at least they all got it at once instead of it dragging out for a couple of weeks.

Thursday we are going to a baseball game. A supply company that my husband’s office uses gave us free tickets. Not only did they give us free tickets they are catering a barbecue dinner before the game. So not only do we have free tickets, we have a free dinner, and I don’t have to cook.

Then on Friday my mother in law is going to watch the kids, so my husband and I can have a date night. It will probably really be an errand running evening that includes a dinner out. But with no kids it will seem like a date night.

Here is the menu plan.

breakfast for dinner



sloppy joes


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  1. Snow White says:


    Hope your kids feel better and the move goes well today ๐Ÿ™‚

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