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Strawberry Soup

I recently saw a recipe for strawberry soup in a Taste of Home magazine. I thought it would make a great dish to add to my kid’s breakfast. It is easy, healthy, and you can make it up the night before.

We really liked this. It was really good and healthy. It definitely needs to sit. It taste better the next day. But that works great for me. I love breakfast recipes that I can prepare ahead of time.

It is kind of like a really liquidy smoothie. My kids and husband really enjoyed this. They ate it with muffins for breakfast for several days.

My kids, especially my son, are funny about berry seeds. So, I knew my kids would not like all the seeds in this. To solve that problem I ran it through a stainer. I am glad I did this because it helped the texture a lot.

I think this would be really good with other fruits. You could even use frozen strawberries when fresh ones are not in season.
What fruit soups do you make?

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  1. I'm sitting here trying to think of things I could dip in this!! LOL!! It sounds really good Lynn!


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