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Eating Healthy

Do you agree that it is so much easier to eat healthy during the summer?

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  1. totally agree because there is just so much “in season” fruit that is sooo tasty! 🙂

  2. Well, I suppose that depends on what you might deem “healthy” eating. I agree that what we traditionally think of when we think of “healthy” foods are abundant in the summer, but there’s often a lot of potato chips and plenty of junk potato or pasta salads accessible during the summer too. Syrupy drinks and ice creams (all too often made to be low fat) too. There happens to be lots of really healthy, great tasting produce available through the winter too…acorn & butternut (and other winter) squash, dark leafy greens like kale, collards and swish chard grow better when it isn’t so hot and work great in soups and stews in the wintertime. I personally cringe every January when all the “healthy living” issues of all the magazines come out and they highlight lots of what are really summer recipes. I find that if I try to force myself to eat salads and other “health” foods during the winter that are really summer foods I definitely lose interest fast, because they just aren’t satisfying in the winter and they just don’t taste as good as they do during the summer either.

  3. Yes, I agree. I eat so much healthier in the summer. The fruit and veggies are so affordable that I buy and eat more of them. In the winter it is hard to find good deals on them.

  4. Lynn, it is so much easier to eat healthy in the summer. My kids love cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc. But if I put a huge bowl of gorgeous strawberries on the table, they will dive right in. My kids ate 5 pounds of ’em in 2 days!
    Oh, and your new header is chic!

  5. Oh yes! I love fruit – could almost live off of it! (With the occasional baked good on the side!) And there aren’t many veggies I like frozen, so having them all available fresh in late summer is amazing. My newest fruit salad creation which has gone over well is cantaloupe, blueberries, and either strawberries or raspberries. Very simple, and it helps keep the cantaloupe interesting (we find it gets boring all by itself, no matter how sweet and juicy it is).

  6. Meant to say also, that your salad looks gorgeous!!!

  7. Yes! I don’t like to eat heavy, hot meals in summer. It’s so easy to go for fruits and veggies, salads, etc. And I either have a garden going, or get excess produce from neighbors. Produce in the store is cheap. And, the fruits of summer, peaches, watermelons, strawberries, etc. are so tasty and easy to eat. Also vine-ripened tomatoes. And farmer’s markets! Yes, I definitely agree. 🙂

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