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Meal Planning Monday

Last week I served my husband three meatless meals and one with only a little bit of bacon in it.  I do not know what I was thinking scheduling that many meals with little or no meat in them.  My husband can’t understand why I would not serve meat when we have a freezer full of meat.  He ate them without complaining, but I know by the third meatless meal he was beginning to wonder where the meat was. However, I enjoyed having a few meals that were a little lighter than our average meal.

But this week I am making up for it and you will see meat everynight for dinner this week. Here is the plan

barbecue pork

chicken sandwich

chicken sandwiches

lettuce wraps ( I am going to do a version of this recipe)

fish tacos (trying a new recipe)

focaccia 1

foccacia sandwiches



leftovers or out to eat

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  1. Here is a great recipe for Fish Tacos. We love them, toddler included.


    My husband would have eater the meatless meals too – he may have politely said something however … ha …. We are a meat eating family, too.

  2. Foccacia bread is one of my favorite things…I had some today with lunch!

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