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Menu Plan

After a few weeks off from menu planning, I am ready to start back.  I really do miss it when I don’t have a plan.  I do not like to have to think about what we will have for dinner at 4:00 because I have not planned.  Our meals are definitely better when I plan ahead.

Right now I have a lot of stuff coming from the garden.  I have quite a few zucchini and cucumbers.  I am getting a ton of tomatoes and am starting to get a few peppers.  So, I am planning meals according to those things.

So, here is the plan.

hamburgers and grilled vegetables

hot dogs and vegetables

taco salad

pesto pesto pasta and

bruschetta my version of bruschetta


Indian Spiced Burgers

Indian burgers with yogurt sauce

crock pot fajita steak


For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Monday.


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  1. Those pitas look (and sound!) delicious!

    I find the same thing about meal planning – it’s just way to easy to make less-than-great dinner choices (like ordering in or even worse, a drive-though!) when there’s no plan, isn’t it?

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