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Menu Plan

My menu plan did not go as planned last week. I changed things around and did not get to a few of the things I had planned.  So, you will see them again this week.

We are also having a church picnic at our house on Saturday.  I have lots to do to get ready, so I am keeping the meal plan for the rest of the week pretty simple.

Here is the plan.

slow cooked fajitas

pasta salad with artisan bread

pesto noodles, bread, and vegetables

tomato pie (I am trying a new recipe, I will post it if it turns out)\

steak and potato salad

breakfast for dinner


For menu planning ideas see Meal Planning Monday.

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  1. Beautiful pics, your menu looks great.

  2. The pasta salad and pesto noodles both look delicious!!!

  3. Steak and potato salad? Yumm, that sounds delicious.

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