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Creamy Avocado Lime Dip

I found a variation of this avocado dip recipe in a crock pot cookbook.  As soon as I saw this recipe I knew it would work great for an office lunch. I made this for the first time yesterday, so I sampled it before I delivered it, to make sure it was good enough to send to the office. Well, it was so good I saved out a small bowl of it for the kids and I to eat for lunch.

I did change this recipe a little from the original one. The original recipe called for flavored cream cheese and I thought it would work best with plain cream cheese. I changed a few other things from the original recipe, but the basics are the same.

This recipe has you warm this in the crockpot.  I think it was really good that way and we liked it.  But I also think you could skip the crockpot and serve this cold.  The advantage to the crockpot is that it warms the cream cheese and makes it mix together really well.  If you serve this cold you would need to be sure that your cream cheese was really soft and then mix everything together really well. Either way this is a really good and really easy avocado dip.

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  1. YUM!

    You had me at “avocado.”

  2. Yum! I can tell I am going to love this!

    Thanks for the recipe.


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