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Making Meat Stretch Into Several Meals

Earlier this week when I posted my menu plan, I wrote about seeing how far I could make my pork roast stretch. Well, I was able to get four meals out of it and my family enjoyed all four meals.

My goal in doing this was for time or my lack of time this week. I knew I had a couple of really busy days and I wanted to have dinners that I could put together easily and quickly. Cooking up a lot of meat at one time and serving it for several days saves me a lot of time.

Not only does it save time, it saves money, because I use up all the meat, even the last little bit that I had at the end. Cooking meals like this is also saves money because meat is usually not the focus of the last meal or two, it is only a small part of the meal. This makes a meal or two much cheaper to prepare.

When I serve three or four meals using the same meat, I do make sure to serve it in different ways. My family, especially my husband, does not want to be served the same thing over and over. So, I have to come up with creative ways to make the same meat seem different every night.

Here is how I fixed all four meals.

I cooked about 4 lbs of pork in the crockpot with barbecue sauce. I than shredded the meat and added some more sauce to it. I then took out enough for the first meal. This is part of making it stretch. If I set a big bowl of meat in front of my family they tend to eat more meat and less of the other foods. Then the meat won’t go as far as I want it to. So I put on the table about the amount I think we need for that meal.

For the first meal we ate it as barbecue pork on hamburger buns, so basically pork sandwiches. I served it with potato salad and vegetables.

The second night I had planned on cooking it different, but we ended up again having it has sandwiches, but this time with chips and fruit.

The third night I served it on baked potatoes.

We like shredded barbecue meat on baked potatoes. Several barbecue restaurants near us serve a dish like this and we really like it. So, we have learned to do our own version at home. I served this with bread and salad.

The fourth night I had less than 2 cups of meat left. Not enough to do much with, so I made a barbecue pizza with it. Instead of using pizza sauce, I spread barbecue sauce on homemade pizza dough. I spread the meat on top of that and then also put chopped tomatoes on it. I then spread colby jack cheese on it and baked it. This made a great meal using only a little amount of meat.

So what tips do you have for making meat stretch for more than one meal?

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  1. Hi Lynn

    Thanks for stopping by today. I haven’t been perusing bloggy land much because of the lack of internet at my house and when I do get access somewhere I’m trying to catch up on other things.

    I’m going to look into your suggestions. I use BJU for English and the girls really like it.

  2. Thanks for this tip today. I have a pork roast I’ve been trying to use up. You gave me some good ideas!

  3. I find if I season my meat mildly, I can transform leftovers into several different dishes.

    And I definitely agree about portioning what you set in front of your family. My husband almost feels obligated to finish off our meals if he sees there is just a little more rather than leaving it for lunch the next day.

  4. I know I am commenting on an old post, but I just read it for the first time. Like Tari, I have found that if I mildly season meat when I first cook it, I can make several meals out of it. With roasts, I usually cook them in the crock pot with some wine and garlic. The first night we have roast with mashed potatoes and gravy and veggie or salad. I couple of days later, I saute some bell peppers and onions, add the meat and some mexican seasoning and we have fajitas. To use up the last of the meat, we usually have BBQ on buns. I do the same thing with chicken, except that instead of the BBQ sandwiches, I make chicken noodle soup.

  5. Clairee says:

    There are endless things you can do with a roast of pork or beef.
    Make sure when you are first cooking the roast that you make lots of gravy, so there is leftover gravy as well as roast. you can supplement it with packaged or canned gravy, but you really need some of the original gravy to make it best.
    1. Openfaced Hot roast sandwiches, with gravy, oven fries, and veggies of choice.
    2. Cold roast sandwiches with a bit of horseradish for snap, (add lettuce and tomato if desired). Add chips, and you have a good lunch or snack.
    3. Chop leftover roast into small (about 3/4″ or so) cubes. Saute chopped onions in small amount of olive oil, along with chopped peppers. Add cubes of meat, and saute briefly. Springle with a small amount of flour, stir well, add leftover gravy and possibly water to thin it if it’s too thick. You can also add frozen peas to this if desired. Serve over mashed potatles, with veggie of choice.
    4. Chop it or grind in processor, mix with onionsand leftover gravy, spread in oven-safe pan, spread leftover mashed potatoes on top, and pop in 350 oven for about 20 minutes until heated. Voila! Shepherds pie!

  6. I’ve done similar things like this as well, but it’s usually with a large roast beef:

    1. Roast Beef with gravy, steamed broccoli and roast poatoes
    2. Roast beef sandwiches with BBQ sauce, fruit and veggies with dip
    3. Roast beef with gravy over baked potatoes with a green salad
    4. Roast beef shredded mixed with salsa and served in tortillas with all the fixings
    5. Roast beef chopped up with gravy if there is any leftover or BBQ sauce and served over brown rice with green beans on the side.
    6. Roast beef chopped and mixed with pinto beans and a little BBQ and served with corn bread.
    7. Roast beef shredded mixed with a little marinara over pasta
    8. Roast beef chopped and mixed it with some leftover veggies (carrots, onions, tomatoes, celery) and beef broth or tomato juice for a beef stew
    9. Roast beef mixed with pizza sauce for a meat lovers pizza!
    10. Roast beef shredded and mixed with BBQ sauce and stuff into pillsbury crescent dough (or leftover pizza dough, or pie crust, or frozen bread dough, or biscuit dough) to make toaster pocket sandwiches.
    11. Roast beef shredded and mixed with refried beans and salsa and stuffed into dough for empanadas.

    So many ideas!

  7. Wraith42 says:

    When meat is raw cut off fatty portions with some meat (don’t need alot)
    1. Pork roast with potatoes and carrots, gravy (half the pork roast after cooking. Instant pork gravy
    2. Pork stew take part of the meat already cooked add potatoes carrots peas what ever vegetables you have. (can throw in a pack of ramen noodles)
    3. Take the part you cut off before boil it with carrots celery onions all chopped up make pork fried rice. after meat is done boiling put it in a container in the morning before cooking I scrap off all the fat. I add the instant package of fried rice.
    I do the same with beef when I get in on a sale. If the pork roast is big enough I cut off a couple good slices when it’s raw, tenderize it, (smack it with a hammer in a plasic bag) and have pork cutlets.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.