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Meal Plan

We homeschool and tomorrow marks the end of summer and the start of our next school year. In many ways I am ready and in many ways I am not.  What I am ready for is a schedule.  We stick to a much better schedule during the school year, including my menu plan.

I plan our dinners all the time, but this last summer I didn’t have a set plan for breakfast or lunch. We just ate whatever we had or felt like eating.  But now that school is starting up again I need to have a better plan for all our meals.  Things just go better when I have a plan. In general I do not like to stand around the kitchen wondering what I should fix for a meal.  I like to plan ahead and know what we are having.

This week will be busy trying to adjust to school again, so I have kept things pretty simple. Here is this week’s plan.


eggs and zucchini bread

homemade yogurt and oatmeal muffins


Peanut butter baked oatmeal

peanut butter baked oatemeal




egg salad sandwiches, chips, and tomatoes

hard boiled eggs, bread, and fruit

Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese

rice cooker mac and cheese






pasta, bread, and salad

Country Bob's hamburgers

hamburgers, salad, and fruit

barbecue pork and potato salad

out or leftovers

For more menu planning ideas see Meal Planning Mondays.

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  1. Two of my three sons have nachos as their favorite dinner. So fun! 😉

  2. I LOVE your rice cooker mac and cheese. Looks like a good menu to start back to school!

  3. I can relate about summer. During the summer the kids stay up late and sleep in late at our house. So breakfast and lunch is more like brunch for them. They’re 12 and 14 and usually have friends sleeping over so they’re up half the night! Then dinner is usually later cause they’ve eaten brunch late. It’s a mess! Things are much more organized when school starts. Love your menu!

  4. Summer is always more relaxed around here too. As the fall season approaches things go back to a schedule. Good menu.

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